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NYC firefighters and police

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Martin Glynn, 57, a trader at Eurobrokers on the 84th floor of Tower 2, said he made his way down to the 40s and looked out a window to see pools of blood the size of blankets in the plaza, and enormous flames.

"A guy jumped ... we made eye contact," Glynn said.

When he and the other escapees got to the lobby, "I began to shudder, knowing what was out there. Then, I saw Officer Moira Smith. She was intense, but calm.

"'Don't look, keep moving,' she told us; she was shielding you from seeing the destruction. People would have backed up and caused a logjam, she was looking everybody in the eye. No doubt she saw the situation and thought people would stop. She saved hundreds of people."

Smith, of the 13th Precinct, was last heard from somewhere between the fifth and third floors, assisting an asthma patient. She didn't make it out.

"Heroism is not only running into flames," Glynn said. "It's doing your job in the face of horror."

[source: NY Daily News 11/2/01 - "The Great Rescue of September 11th" written by Michele McPhee and Patrice O'Shaughnessy]

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