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SuAnne Big Crow was a star basketball athlete from South Dakota in the western US. Big Crow inspired peace and excellence among the members of her tribe and everyone she met in her lifetime. Her legend continues to inspire. SuAnne Big Crow was 17 years old when she died Feb.9, 1992.

In high school, SuAnne Big Crow was a star basketball player at Pine Ridge, South Dakota who also was known for promoting cultural understanding and goodwill among rivals. She hushed a jeering crowd by performing a simple and spontaneous dance, a beautiful traditional Oglala dance, using her athletic jacket as a shawl. She hushed the crowd and brought their hearts outside the closed doors of their minds --- she brought them into a humanitarian state of love that will never be forgotten.  SuAnne Big Crow is more than a legend. She is a peace hero.

A star athlete, she set several state records. She led her team to a state championship, scoring the winning basket as time ran out. Big Crow also finished first academically in her class and spoke across the country against drug and alcohol abuse. She confronted bigotry and worked toward reconciliation between races.

One of Big Crow's visions was the establishment of a safe, drug and alcohol-free youth facility at Pine Ridge.


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