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Michael Bungay Stanier is a life coach whose Canadian organization, Box of Crayons, teaches people to do more than good work --- they teach how to do great work. 

The hardest work is the work of saving lives. Michael has edited a book titled End Malaria, which is a collection of self help essays  available for purchase on amazon.com and other places. Twenty dollars from each copy sold goes to three organizations that work globally to end malaria. The paperback costs $25.  So far his organization has raised more than $300,000 to end malaria. One mosquito net costs $10, so that’s a lot of nets – and a lot of lives saved.


655,000 people died of malaria in 2010. 

Most of the 655,000 people were children under the age of five years old.

A child dies every 45 seconds from malaria.

91% of malaria deaths occur in Africa. 

What does it take to end malaria? It takes mosquito nets, education, early diagnosis and medical treatment, vaccines, research, and larval insecticides that are sprayed on the inside walls of homes in areas where the malarial mosquito is abundant. The solutions are complicated by poverty, lack of medical personnel and vaccines, and by the fact that the insecticide commonly used is DDT. 


The Michael Bungay Stanier Box of Crayons organization website with his blog.

Coaching for Great Work

End Malaria, the book  - At least $20 from each copy sold goes directly to Malaria No More to send a mosquito net to a family in need and to support life-saving work in the fight against malaria. 

End Malaria Today - every day is the day to end malaria.

Malaria No More  is an international advocacy organization, is on a mission to end malaria related deaths by 2015. Help the world reach the global goal of near zero malaria deaths in Africa by 2015. Malaria is preventable and treatable.



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