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Mordechai Vanunu

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"I am proud and happy to do what I did ... You didn't succeed to break me, you didn't succeed to make me crazy ... "All those who are standing behind me, supporting me ... all are heroes ... I am a symbol of the will of freedom ... you cannot break the human spirit." --- Mordecai Vanunu , a nuclear weapons whistleblower after release from 18 years in Israeli prison,  April 21, 2004. [News Story]


"Everyone knows that I am in jail not because I raped, robbed or murdered. I sit here because of my ideals. Given my background and the things I knew, it was inevitable that I did what I did."

"I have sacrificed my freedom and risked my life in order to expose the danger of nuclear weapons which threatens this whole region. I acted on behalf of all citizens and all of humanity."

"More and more states are realizing the deficit in possessing nuclear weapons and that nuclear weapons do not promote economic development in most of the undeveloped states. These countries are ready to back and support any initiative that will bring the end of nuclear weapons in the entire world. They know that the abolition of nuclear weapons in Europe, the US and the entire world will only bring help and encouragement to global economic activities, including globalization. So anti-nuclear activists should work in this new field to use economic reasons and alliances to defeat nuclear weapons. This could be done especially at economic summits like the G-8 and WTO meetings where decisions or declarations could be issued to abolish nuclear weapons. Rather than fighting the WTO like anarchist environmentalists, we can recreate the WTO and G-8 to begin working toward zero nuclear weapons."

" But the thing that most annoyed me was that I had positive intentions for what I did but the state turned me into a monster. I could not bear the thought that their reason for doing these things was simple revenge. I wanted to save the population of Israel from the disaster of a nuclear war and they turned me into a traitor and a spy. There was no proportion between my act and my punishment."

Nuclear Whistleblower Mordecai Vanunu was freed from prison April 21, 2004




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