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Julia Butterfly Hill

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Ecuador Pipeline Protest Brings Oil Spills to Public Attention (July 2002)

Quito police arrest activist Julia Butterfly Hill and at least 7 other peaceful protestors outside the Quito offices of US oil company Occidental Petroleum (OXY). Most of those arrested represent Ecuadorian communities adversely affected by the new pipeline being built by Oxy. President Gustavo Noboa deports Hill. Occidental is part of OCP Ecuador, a consortium that is constructing a 300- mile pipeline that ultimately will run from oil fields in the Amazon Basin to the Pacific Coast port of Esmeraldas. About 95 miles of the $1.1 billion project will slice through the Mindo- Nambillo Reserve, one of the few remaining tracts of high-elevation rain forest -- or cloud forest -- left in the world. The reserve supports more than 450 species of birds -- almost 5 percent of the world's total, 46 of which are endangered.

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Mindo Nambillo Cloudforest Reserve, Ecuador (Jan 2002)

While activists in Ecuador take to the trees to defend the fragile Mindo cloud forest and other ecosystems and communities affect by the new OCP (Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados) pipeline, the German Bank and Federal Government of the NWR Province are holding a hearing Monday, JANUARY 14th, 2002 to debate their $900 million dollar loan to the project. Activists have been climbing trees and building platforms, while others are chained to the base in order to ensure that construction crews for the 300-mile pipeline, do not enter the protected area. Road building crews have reached the edge of this globally significant ecosystem forcing activists to begin an encampment of tree sitters. Unconfirmed local reports indicate that the police may be forcibly evicting the demonstrators in the next several days. 

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Oil Pipeline Financiers Threaten Ecuador's Rainforests and Peoples - Take Action!

(NOTE: Mindo links gathered from http://indymedia.org/ )

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