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Julia Butterfly Hill

 Risks rise and accusations fly when taking on large corporations

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During Hill's protest the Pacific Lumber Company, owned by Maxxam Corporation which has its corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas, denounced her as a trespassing lawbreaker who put her life in danger and encouraged others to do so by example. 

Several times during her protest, Pacific Lumber officials negotiated with Hill's representatives. Each time, negotiations broke down amid mutual recriminations. The lumber company accused Hill of being a lawbreaker who put her life in danger and encouraged others to do so by trespassing and encouraging others to endanger themselves. Hill accused Pacific Lumber of trying to force her to sign away her constitutional rights. 

Pacific Lumber had offered to spare the tree if she denounced tree-sitting as a protest activity and forego any profits from her stay in the redwood (for example, if she wrote a book about her civil disobedience experience). The Maxxam Corporation wanted her silence in exchange for sparing the tree.

At last in December 1999, the two sides came to agreement. Earth First! would donate $50,000 to Pacific Lumber, which would in turn give the money to Humboldt State University for forestry research. The logging company agreed to refrain from cutting down Luna, 600-year-old tree Hill fought for, or any trees within a 250-foot buffer zone on the slope around it. 

Hill's protest inspires similar actions


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