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Julia Butterfly Hill


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July 2002 -- Hill Joins
the Oil Spill Protest
 in Ecuador


"Do Something."

In the American tradition of civil disobedience, Julia Butterfly Hill lived 180 feet in the air atop an ancient redwood dubbed Luna in Humboldt County, California, for 738 days in order to prevent the Pacific Lumber Company from chopping down the tree. 

In December 1997 when she was 24 years old, Hill climbed into an enormous redwood tree she nicknamed Luna. She lived on a tiny platform near the top of the tree, constructed with help from her friends in the environmental group Earth First! which champions environmental activism and the philosophy of Deep Ecology (think globally and act locally). 

Two years later, on December, 18, 1999, the timber company agreed NEVER to cut the redwood tree named Luna.   

Hill also secured an agreement from Pacific Lumber to provide a protective area, small but permanent, which was enforced around the ancient redwood tree and other trees like it nearby.

But the timber company wanted her silence

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